Song Writing 101

Song Writing 101

Song Writing 101

Ankha has made her Music Tutorials available for free download and you may share these applications with anyone by any means, USB, CD, social networks, and websites. You may host the applications on your own site or just pass on the short code links. Below you can see some screenshots from her application.

Please Note: The following application requires no installation on your PC, can be run directly from any Flash drive or CD/DVD, the application runs in it's own standalone player and will not make any changes to your system. You can either select a zipped file (smaller download but needs to be unzipped) or the exe file (slightly larger but does not need to be unzipped)

Song Writing 101

Song writing 101 has been designed to help the young musician, electronic music producer or DJ come to grips with Keys, Chords, Chord Progressions, Modulation, Bass and Melody writing, the basic of song construction.

This app is not only a tutorial but has some awesome composition tools and features Nashville Circle of 5ths with all 12 keys, just click the key and chord you want to hear. Also featured are some very excellent progressions and modulations that will help you write good melody and bass lines.
This tutorial is 100% music notation free and all you need to learn are some basic building blocks of music. These basic building blocks can help you start a song or help you finish it, so if you are stuck with a beat and a bass line that's going nowhere, then just by knowing these few basic building blocks, all possible directions will be available to you.

Screenshot has been reduced in size to fit on page

The app features an active keyboard that you can use to 'play along' while working thru the tutorial.


(Zipped file, need to unzip, file size 50 megs). To directly download Click Here

(EXE file, no need to unzip, file size 68 megs). To directly download Click Here

Note: This will not work on your smartphone or tablet, must be run on a pc. Mac version will soon be available.

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