Basic Audio Engineering

Basic Audio Engineering

Basic Audio (Sound) Engineering

We offer a short duration training program covering the Basics of Audio Engineering, this training program not only provides the student with all the fundamental knowledge required to setup and operate sound equipment but also provides them with Hands On practical training in Basic Audio Software Operation and Basic Audio Production which includes Audio Editing, Equalization, Mixing and Mastering. 

NOTE: Our training is not specific to any particular hardware or software, whether you are using an old analog system or the latest state of the art digital system, our training skills and techniques apply to them all.

Basic Sound Theory

Each student receives a copy of our interactive DVD Sound Book 1 that is packed with videos lessons and unique graphics, animations and audio examples to help them understand what Sound is all about.

Our basic sound theory training program covers the following subjects:

1st Module Sound Theory

A) Basic Principles of Sound
b) Digital Audio (Sample Rate, Bit Depth)
c) Acoustics, Boundary Effect, Acoustic Coupling
d) Sound Fields, Phase/Phase Shifts/Standing Waves/ Inverse Square Law
e) The Audio Spectrum (complete breakdown of the audio spectrum, frequencies and ranges)
f) Microphones (Types and Microphone Techniques)
g) Loudspeaker Systems (Types, Setup and Uses)
h) Dynamics (Compression, Multi-band, Limiting)
i) Effects (Delay, Reverb, Flange, Phase, Distortion etc.)
j) System Interconnections
(Balanced/Unbalanced Lines, Phantom Power, Passive and Active Systems,
Crossovers, Amps, Speaker Connections)
k) Mixing Consoles (analog and digital theory and operation)
l) Digital Audio Work Stations (DAWs)

2nd Module: Audio Production

This module deals with Filters, Equalizers and Equalization Techniques and is supported by our ear training and psychoacoustics interactive tutorials.
The student will learn to accurately identify problematic frequency ranges and apply the correct equalization solution.

Dynamics takes the student thru all dynamic processes, gates, compressors, multi-bands, limiters, maximizes, Loudness monitoring, de-essers.

Effects. How to use effects creatively without them destroying the intelligibility of the mix such as an over abundance of reverb that just creates 'noise'.

Basic Mixing/Mastering Techniques: Here the students learns how to create industry acceptable audio mixes.

The Audio Production module is fully supported with hands on practical lessons.

Training Schedules

Training times are from 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Sunday.

Course Duration: 12 weeks (1 x 3 hour lesson per week) cost R5,400

Inhouse Audio Training
Training SA Audio Engineers for over 25 years
(1988 - 2017)

For more info/application forms call 082 939 9082 or use our contact us link above.