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Audio Electronics

Learn to create electronic circuits for both analog and digital devices.

Our electronic training takes place in a fully equipped electronics lab that has all the test equipment, soldering stations, tools required for training purposes. We also keep a large inventory of all basic electronic components (caps, resistors, transistors, IC's, diodes, transformers), PC boards, breadboards, vero boards, hookup wire etc.

 Below is a basic breakdown of our electronics training program.

Basic Electronics Principles (voltage, current, power, Ohms law etc.)
Basic Electronic Components (resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits etc)
Circuit Diagrams (reading and understanding of circuit diagrams)
Drawing Schematic diagrams
Practical Soldering Techniques
Electronic Circuit Simulation using SPICE based software using CAD software
Practical Circuit Construction and layout (using breadboards, vero boards, pc boards)
PC Board creation using CAD software
Microcontrollers (Robotics, sensors and real world interfaces)

Create your own:

Audio Amplifiers
Studio Monitors
Sound Cards
MIDI Controllers
EQ and Filters
Tube Amps

We have 100's of circuit designs that cover all areas of electronics that are suitable for beginners to the more experienced student.

Training Schedules

Training times are from 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Sunday.

Course Duration: 16 weeks (1 x 3 hour lesson per week)

Costs and Payment Terms:

Cost of training program: R7,200

If the full amount is paid in advance we offer a 10% discount
Or the student can pay monthly at R1,800 per month x 4 months

As all our training is individual, hands on training, all training dates and times must be booked and paid for in advanced.


If a student wishes to come see our facilities and/or speak to us, an appointment must be made first, this is for security reasons and also not to disrupt training sessions in progress.


Inhouse Audio Training
Training SA Audio Engineers for over 25 years
(1988 - 2017)

For more info on this training program call us on 082 9399 082 or click here for our contact form