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Mixing/Mastering Services
Need to have your trax mixed and/or mastered by the Pros, 35 years mixing/mastering expertise.

Want your mixes to sound clean, clear, punchy with no boom or hurt, want your mixes to stand out, get noticed, have that international sound, then this is the place to send your mixes.

Our specialized mixing techniques and custom software written by Ankha makes our mixing/mastering unique, combine this with acoustically flat rooms (down to 20 Hz) with no colorization of the sound and custom designed 3 way monitoring ensures you get the best mix/master possible, the only limitation is your creativeness.

Each mastered track is subjected to a wide variety of listening environments and monitoring systems, from high powered PA to ear buds.

We not only mix/master your music but also give you production advice to ensure your tracks stand out from the rest, we help you all the way. Each client is special and unique and is treated that way, your success is our success.

We cover all genre's of music such as: traditional, maskandi, gospel, hip hop, trap, house, jazz, pop, dance, electro, blues, trance, rock, heavy metal etc.


Labels looking for a mixing/mastering partner will benefit from our years of experience in all aspects of sound, you will always have a pro at your side, 24/7.

Online Service

We can mix and master your tracks wherever you are on this planet, so if you want your trax mixed and mastered by a pro with over 35 years expertise then contact us for full specs:

Below are a few of the basic formats that your trax need to be in:

1. Each track must be in wave or Aif format 16 or 24 bits, sample rate 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz, no mp3 tracks

2. Each track must be exported from your project from the beginning to the end, each instrument must be on its own track, including each drum eg. kick (own track), snare (own track) etc.

3. Do not export wave files with any EQ, Dynamics or Effects, turn these all off.

4.Make sure that all exported waves are at a reasonable level -10 dB min. -3dB max.


Should you just want us to master your track, then your mixed track should be stereo and either 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz, 16 to 24 bit, wave or aif formats without any dynamics (limiting, compression or multi band). Final master level should be greater than -10 dB but not more than -3dB, please do not normalize your final master at all.

To master a mixed track normally takes us 1 hour to do, very bad mixes can take longer.

Our Mixing/Mastering rate is R350 per hour, 30 USD per hour.

The more tracks you send the cheaper the price will be eg. 5 tracks cost R300 (25 USD) per hour, 10 tracks cost R250 (21 USD) per hour

 For more info call +27(0)82 9399 082 or use or contact form here

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