H.O.T.H. Audio Labs

1 Day Audio Software programming workshop

H.O.T.H Audio Labs

Services offered:

1. Mixing/Mastering Services
Need to have your trax mixed and/or mastered by the Pros, 25 years mixing/mastering expertise.

2. Audio Software Development
Do you require custom audio software for a particular application, we can code the software for you.

3. Audio Sounds and Effects
Do you need customized audio sounds and effects for Sound Design projects (Film. Video, Radio, Games etc)
We can create virtually any sound, real or imaginary.

3. Analog Audio Hardware Design and Manufacture
If you require specific analog audio hardware we can design and manufacture it for you.

 For more info call 082 9399 082.

Inhouse Audio Training
Training SA Audio Engineers for over 25 years
(1988 - 2017)