2018 - 6 month Audio Tech

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2018 - 6 month Full Time Audio Technology Training Program

Inhouse Audio Training's 6 month full time Audio Technology training program offers the student the very best in traditional audio training and the most in-depth training in digital audio/music production techniques. Our training program is not just theory based and offers students extensive Practical, Hands On, In-Studio training.

Why Choose Inhouse Audio Training?

We achieve a 0% dropout rate and a 100% pass rate for our students, our unique 1 On 1, Hands On, In-Studio Training makes all the difference.

No Grade 12 required for this training program.

Our 6 month full time training program starts on the 26th February 2018 and ends 3rd August 2018.

NOTE: This training program is a certified training program which requires the student to do both practical and theoretical examinations. This training program has a limited intake, so advanced booking is essential.

Below is our 6 month full time curriculum.

 Traditional Audio Production Training

(1) Basic Audio/Sound Theory

Skills acquired: A complete understanding of acoustic waves and a thorough theoretical knowledge of how audio equipment works and its uses.

(2) Psycho-acoustics (Theory)

Skills acquired: Thorough understanding of how we perceive sound at different amplitudes, frequency and phase and the ability to recognize any frequency range present in a sound.

(3) Digital Audio (Theory)

Skills acquired: Thorough understanding of the digital audio process, sample rates, bit depth, Nyquist frequency etc. 

(4) Filters/Equalization (Theory)

Skills acquired: Filters and equalizers are the most important tools when shaping sound and this module provides the learner with all theoretical and practical knowledge to select and use the correct filters and equalizers.

(5) Digital Editing and Sound Design (Wave based Audio)

This module teaches the learner how to create sound designs for video, radio and gaming applications. This module is supported by both theory and practical training sessions.

Skill acquired: Ability to create professional sound designs for the audio industry.

(6) Analog/Digital Audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering. (Practical)

This module takes the learner thru all aspects of both analog and digital recording, mixing and mastering processes with hands on, in-studio training.

Skills acquired: The ability to record, mix, master and produce audio at a professional level. 


This Module covers full Music Theory, Techniques, including practical keyboard lessons and helps students develop their song writing skills. Student's learn, scales & keys, chord building, chord progressions, modulation, beat making, harmony (part writing), bass and melody line writing.

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