2018 Gap Year Audio Tech

Gap Year 2018

Audio/Music Production Gap Year 2018

Have a passion for Music, Sound, and Hi-Tech gadgets, but don't know which field is best suited for you, then you should look at our 2018 Gap Tear training program.

Our 2018 Gap Year training program not only exposes the student to all parts of the industry by providing them with "Hands On" training but also helps them develop the essential skills they require in order to make the correct career choice. The skills the student takes with them are the essential skills the student requires to find employment or provide them with skills and a knowledge advantage which will make their 1st year varsity a breeze.

Our 2018 Gap year training program provides the student with not only the knowledge and skills required for their music passion but also provides them with essential skills should they wish to pursue a career in the Audio Industry or wish to study further.

Audio Production

1. Audio Theory
2. Using Audio Software and Hardware (Practical)
2. Audio Recording, Editing and Production (Practical)
3. Sound Design (Practical)
4. Audio Mixing and Mastering (Practical)

Music Production

1. Basics of Music Composition (Theory)
2. Creating drum and percussion grooves
3. Chords and chord progressions
4. Bass, Melody, Harmony and part writing
5. Keys and Modulation
6. Complete Song Construction
7. Basic Keyboard Playing Techniques

Audio Software Programming

The Audio Software Development module teaches the student how to code their own audio application, from creating or modeling specific audio equipment to designing complete audio mixers, sequencers, samplers, MIDI applications, synthesizers equalizers, dynamics, effects etc.

The above audio software development module is supported by practical coding projects where the student can either create their own audio software/applications or model analog audio equipment. Below are just a few audio coding examples that the students will learn to code.

  1. Compressors
  2. Limiters
  3. Delays
  4. Reverbs
  5. Equalizers/filters
  6. Pitch shifters
  7. Samplers
  8. Custom Synths
  9. Custom Drums
  10. MIDI Sequencers
  11. Time stretching
  12. Bit crushing
  13. Spectrascopes
  14. Spectrum Analyzers
  15. FFT analysis/processing
  16. Full audio mixing strips

2018 Intake

Due to the fact that all our training is "Hands On" we can only accommodate a maximum of 8 students for this training program per year, advanced booking is advisable.

Training Times

Training Times for our Gap Year Audio Tech Training Program

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

Duration: 1 year

Inhouse Audio Training
Training SA Audio Engineers for over 25 years
(1988 - 2016)

For more information or enrollment application forms please contact us either via our Contact Us link above or call 082-9399-082