Post Production

Sound Design

Post Production
(Traditional wave based)

Our Post Production Training Program give the student the skills required to work in the post production sector of the audio industry. Here the student learns how to create sound fields, sound effects, sound designs using sample libraries.

Basic Video Editing

We also include basic Video editing in this training program, here the student learns how to use video editing software to create transition effects, video effects, text rendering, video packaging into different video formats (AVI, MOV, MPEG etc).

NOTE: This training program is not the same as our Designing Sound program.

Sound design is not just about placing audio samples in time to a movie but exactly what its name says 'Sound Designer'. Sound designers are constantly creating sound fields or creating sounds never heard before like the Pod Racer sounds in Star Wars or the drop tone in Battleships.

Without being able to analyze your sound design, recognize the elements required in a sound and constructing it layer for layer you may just find out what an uncontrollable monster you have created.

All training is individual, hands-on training, no groups.

Here the student will learn how to:

Analyze the visual content
Create samples using layers
Advanced Equalization Techniques
Advanced Audio Effects
Using Dynamics in sound design
Managing and controlling sub bass
Shaping the audio envelope to picture
Creating ambient and spatial sounds
Setting up and working with project files
Mixing for Radio/Video/Games and Multi-Media
Final Mastering

Training Schedules

Training times are from 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Sunday.

Minimum 3 hours training per training session.

Costs: All our training programs are R100 per hour and are booked on a monthly basis, therefore 4 x 3 hour lessons per month (1 x 3 hour lesson per week) costs R1,200 per month.

Inhouse Audio Training
Training SA Audio Engineers for over 25 years
(1988 - 2017)

For more info on our training programs use our contact form or call (Int)+27 82 9399 082 or local SA 082 9399 082