Procedural Audio Videos

Procedural Audio Videos

Procedural Audio videos

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Filter Ringing

Take a look at the video below which gives a brief explanation about procedural Audio and teaches a valuable lesson on Filter Ringing. You will see that it's as easy as using Lego blocks and nothing like textural coding such as C, C++, Java, Python etc.

To see this video in higher res on YouTube click here

Karplus – Strong Technique

This video shows how to make a stringed instrument sound using Procedural Audio. The technique used here is the Karplus – Strong technique which creates the sound by using delay and feedback. For more info call 082 9399 082. To see this video in higher res on Youtube go here

Designing Visualizations using Sound

Andro 2

Here is another version of the visualization below, here all I did was change the videos rendering order and although the visualization has a similar look and feel it is very different from the one below.

To show that our Designing Sound training program is not just about making sounds but also how to use sound to control other visual elements, take a look at the video below.
So if you are a DJ, electronic music producer or live performer then this will change the way you do your shows or how you release your music trax. Check out the videos below.

In this video I show software that I have created that will manipulate visual images, pics, video. geos and particles with sound. Here I have only used a few of the many audio triggers and video processes that I can control with sound and all it took was a video file a few control adjustments and I had a very nice visualization for my track.

Another great feature is that whenever I run the software it will generate a slightly different visualization each time, no 2 are ever the same. This is great for live performances and for enhancing your music track by giving people a visualization that suits the mood of your music and not some arbitrary visualization generated by media players.

As this is only a quick demo of a few processes the software can do I have reduced the frame rate to 15 fps instead of 25fps to balance the download file with size and quality. this demo does not reflect the actual quality of the visualization.

All the effort it took to create this visualization was finding some video file that had great colors and action and fiddled with some of the controls and within 30 minutes my visualization was complete. The visualizations can run at any frame rate and full HD size.

To watch this video directly on YouTube, (better quality) click here

For more info on our Designing Sound training program call 082 9399 082.

Synthesis Basics (Basic Procedural Audio)

What is Procedural Audio: Procedural Audio is the technique of creating any sound or audio process on your PC by using the basic building blocks of sound (Audio Synthesis).

The video below will show you how to create 3 of the most basic forms of synthesis that we use, that being, Additive Synthesis, AM Synthesis (Amplitude Modulation) and FM Synthesis (Frequency Modulation).  You will also be able to hear many different sounds that were created using the basic building blocks of sound using just noise, filters, envelopes, oscillators etc.

All it takes is you, a PC and some knowledge, its easier than you think.

To view this video at full resolution goto: or our YouTube Channel

MONO to STEREO converter

Hi all, below is a video of my new Mono to Stereo converter which is great for both sound design and music.

The reason behind designing this converter, is that many times I have found an awesome sample for a sound design, only to have it as a mono sample, when I really needed it to be stereo, and this is what the converter does, converts a mono recording into a stereo sounding recording.

The converter is also great at converting mono music files, either individual instrument trax, or complete mixes to stereo, and also works great for forensic audio, resolving 2 voices speaking at the same time, recorded in mono, (the cocktail party effect).

Take a look at the video.


Mono to Stereo Converter


Super Hornet Sonic Boom made with procedural audio techniques.

The video below is of a Super Hornet jet doing a fly by and breaking the sound barrier (Sonic Boom), the jet is real but the sound has been made using procedural audio techniques (synthesis) and has been made using noise, filters and envelopes. You can see large video size by going to YouTube direct


Below is a run thru of my jet engine patch that was used in the Super Hornet video. This video will let you hear the engine in various modes and gives an explanation of all the gui controls. The idea of this patch is to create a sound of a jet engine as you would ‘hear’ it standing right at the exhaust, really up close and personal, so it is raw and mean.

The engine sound is just my default setting and can be customized via the Engine Editor to suit your tastes.

You can see large video size by going to YouTube direct

Advanced Jet Engine Editor

The video below is of the advanced jet engine editor.

The purpose for my jet engine patch is to help sound designers create many realistic jet engine sounds from different perspectives and different sounding qualities, without having to spend hours trying to find the right samples, processing them and then mixing them together to try and create the right sound. Hours of work reduced to minutes.

NOTE: As the audio and video have been compressed, the quality of the audio and video is not the same as the original.

There is a very small amount of audio distortion in the turbine section which was created by the encoding and is not generated by the patch itself.

You can see large video size by going to YouTube direct