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About Inhouse Audio Training

Inhouse Audio Training

Pro Audio Industry Training

Inhouse Audio Training is a private based training institution that offers very specific training in the Pro Audio industry that is not available thru local universities or other training institutions.

Our training programs are at the leading edge of technology and prepare industry professionals with the skills they require to fully understand and utilize the Hi Tech equipment and software that is constantly being developed.

Our pro audio training program is also suitable for post graduate audio students who wish to take their career to the next level.

We have a very different approach to training than your traditional college or varsity has, where their focus is more on the academic side, with large classes (50 to 300), our focus is Hands On, individual training, small limited classes, which means the student advances at an accelerated rate, achieving employment ready status in a faster period of time.

Small Classes and 1 on 1 training is how we achieve a 0% dropout rate and a 100% pass rate for our students.

Inhouse Audio has been training audio engineers, operators, mixers, recordists and sound designers for over 25 years.

Training Environment

Our training environment is quite, beautiful, spacious and has a very homely feel that is far removed from the cold, crammed campuses of today where you are just a number and another filled seat.

All our training is individual, hands on training where no one is left behind. You can't get lost in the crowd because there is no crowd, just a few special, motivated students wanting to learn.

Training Expertise

Ankha Nel has been working in the pro audio industry for over 35 years and has been training the pro audio industry for over 25 years, she has written many training manuals and interactive DVDs on pro audio.

Ankha has held the positions of chief engineer with both EMI (SA) and Downtown Studios (Then Gallo Africa). She is proficient not only in the audio production side but also with electronics, micro-controllers (robotics) and audio software development. She is also and avid developer of Procedural audio (synthesis) techniques especially for the gaming, mobile and post production (Sound Design) side of the industry.

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