Mixing/Mastering (Local)

Mixing and Mastering

Audio Mixing and Mastering
Individual hands on in-studio training.

(Above) Our mixing and mastering studios.

Inhouse Audio Training has proven itself to be Africa's premier Mixing and Mastering training facility, with over 25 years of training expertise. Learn how to Mix/Master from the Pro who Mixed and Mastered for South Africa’s music legends. No more guessing, no more plugins, no more YouTube tricks, no more G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), just Ankha's awesome equalization techniques.

Our training studios are custom designed for a flat audio response providing the student with an unparallel listening and working experience.

You too can get your "audio ears" from Ankha. Just 8 lessons will change your future.

Our Mixing and Mastering training program is an advanced, individual, hands on, in-studio training program that is ideally suited for those wanting to Mix/Master and produce professional audio that the international and local pro audio companies expect, whether it is for Audio/Music Production, Sound Design (Post Production), Live Sound our training program covers them all.

Our individual training means that the student can never be lost in the group or fall behind, as there is no group. One on one, in-studio training is why Inhouse Audio Training programs are one of the most recommended training programs in the industry.

We also provide the student with training software (Sound Book 1) that has been specially written by Ankha and is only available to Inhouse Audio Training students.

We not only teach you to Mix and Master but also provide the students with years of audio production experience and also show you how to get the best sound out of your own mixing room, whether it's your bedroom or purposely build mix room, we will give you the knowledge to make it work for you.

Music Production

For the Music Producer, here you can learn to mix and master your own tracks in a studio with a pro sitting next to you, not only showing you the art of mixing/mastering but also the music production techniques used by the pros.

Our training is not software specific and applies to all industry standard audio/music DAWs.

NOTE: Our mixing and mastering program is not a DJ training program.

1st Module: Advanced Filters/Equalizers/Ear Training/Psychoacoustics

This module deals with filters, equalizers and advanced equalization techniques and is supported by our ear training and psychoacoustics interactive tutorials.
The student will learn to accurately identify problematic frequency ranges and apply the correct equalization solution as well as, being taught how to recognize the effects of simultaneous masking, filter ringing and phase shifts all associated with poor equalization techniques.

Advanced Subtractive Equalization Techniques

This module also teaches the student how to use 100% subtractive equalization techniques, never use additive EQ again.

The 1st module is supported by practical subtractive equalization projects.

2nd Module: Advanced Dynamics (The Dark side of audio)

Dynamics is the only audio process that we should not really 'hear' and because of this can be very confusing.

This module takes the student thru all dynamic processes, gates, compressors, parallel and side chain, multi-bands, limiters, maximizes, Loudness monitoring, de-essers.

The dynamics module is fully supported with hands on practical lessons showing the student how, when, where and what type of dynamics to use for a particular situation.

3rd Module: Advanced Effects

This module deals with how to use effects creatively without them destroying the intelligibility of the mix such as an over abundance of reverb that just creates 'noise'.

This module covers all effect processes and is supported by practical projects.

4th Module: Advanced Mixing

The 4th module takes all the knowledge gained the previous 3 modules and applies this knowledge to create final music mixes covering many different genre's.

This module is 100% practical with definite goals that need to be achieved.

5th Module: Advanced Mastering

For many the mastering process is just a quick fix for bad mixing techniques, so instead of doing the process of mastering (sweetening and leveling) the mastering engineer has to perform meatball surgery to first fix an over compressed and badly equalized track. This training program will show you how to do it right the first time.

Training Schedules

Training times are from 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Sunday.

Costs and Payment Terms:

Due to many requests we will be keeping our 2018 Mixing/Mastering training cost at our 2017 price of R2,400.

If the full amount is paid in advance we offer a 10% discount
Or the student can pay monthly at R1,200 per month x 2 months

As all our training is individual, hands on, in-studio training all training dates and times must be booked and paid for in advanced.


If a student wishes to come see our facilities and/or speak to us, an appointment must be made first, this is for security reasons and also not to disrupt training sessions in progress.

Drum Mix

Here is a short video (2 minutes) that will show you how Ankha takes a not so well recorded drum track and turns it into a clean, clear, punchy well defined mix just using her equalization techniques, without using and any Plugins or YouTube “Tricks”. Watch the video and at the end you can compare the raw drum sound and the mixed drum sound, side by side.

The drum mix took Ankha less than 5 minutes to mix, so if you want your trax to sound clean, clear, punchy and well defined then take a look at our Mixing and Mastering training here:  or call 082 9399 082

Inhouse Audio Training
Training SA Audio Engineers for over 25 years
(1988 - 2017)

For more info/application forms call 082 939 9082 or use our contact us link above.