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Inhouse Audio Training 2017
(over 25 years audio training expertise)

Your One Stop Audio Training Solution

Inhouse Audio Training has been training audio personnel from all over Africa for over 25 years, we specialize in Part Time and Short Duration Training Programs that are designed to meet the student's requirements.

We have a very different approach to training than your traditional college or varsity has, where their focus is more on the academic side, with large classes (50 to 300), our focus is hands on, individual training, small limited classes, which means the student advances at an accelerated rate, achieving employment ready status in a faster period of time.

Our training programs are the best alternative for those not able to do long period varsity training, but want to have the knowledge and skills to be employable or advance their current audio skills.

We also offer customized training programs and training schedules for companies wishing to give their employees advanced training in the latest audio techniques and to sharpen their audio skills.

Procedural Audio is a specialized training program that gives the audio engineer the tools and skills to create any sound, real or imaginary or any audio process they require, and Inhouse Audio Training is currently the only audio training facility that offers this training in Africa, click this link for more details. Designing Sound using Procedural Audio

Small Classes and 1 on 1 training is how we achieve a 0% dropout rate and a 100% pass rate for our students.

We offer Basic Audio Engineering, Mixing/Mastering, Sound Design (Post Production), Music Production, Live Sound, Procedural Audio and Audio Electronics.

A few of our current students learning Electronics, Music Production, Mixing/Mastering and Procedural Audio"

Mixing and Mastering

Take a listen to Koketso’s production “Slow Jam”, Koketso wrote, produced, Mixed and Mastered this track with the knowledge he gained from doing our Part Time, Mixing/mastering training program. Well done Koketso your track sounds awesome.

"I started making music in 2003, my interest in making music was influenced by my dad because as a child he had a band and was the lead singer, I listen to all genres of music, as music is universal language, but my main genre I most listen to is house music which I was introduced to by my brother. I'm always trying out new sounds and like fusing old style music with a modern twist, I'm very passionate about music and will always be, it's part of who I am." Koketso

Take a listen to Koketso's track here

We offer short duration training programs for those that wish to enhance their knowledge and understanding in the following:

Basic Audio(Sound) Engineering

Audio Mixing and Mastering

Post Production (Sound Design)

Live Sound

Electronic Music Production

Designing Sound using Procedural Audio

Audio Electronics

For more info on each training program click on the links above or use our Part Time Training link.


Ankha has over 35 years working experience in the South African audio Industry and has held the position of chief engineer at E.M.I and Downtown Studios and has worked at the S.A.B.C, Bop Studios and many other of South Africa's top prestige's Audio facilities. She has worked with SA’s legends such as Brenda and the Big Dudes (Engineered Weekend Special) also Don Larka, Lucky Dube, Ray Phiri, Dalom Kids just to name a few, more industry credits can be found in her credit link above.


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