Designing Sound using Procedural Audio

Designing Sound

Designing Sound using Procedural Audio Techniques

What is Procedural Audio

Procedural Audio is the technique that lets you create any sound, real or imaginary, by just using basic Noise, Filters, Oscillators and Envelopes, this process is commonly called audio synthesis.

The advantages of creating audio in this manner is the ability to alter a sound you create in any manner whatsoever, unlike a wave file where you are stuck with the recorded file and can only apply limited processing to it.

Procedural Audio is the next level of audio engineering and will be a key skill required by major audio companies in the very near future and with only a few Audio training institutions worldwide teach Procedural Audio, this means that those with these skills are few in the present audio job market.

Learning to create your own Audio software makes you rather unique in the industry, so why be one of thousands when you can be one in a thousand.

Not only Audio

Any PC can be programmed to create sound (audio), video and graphic processes and Inhouse Audio Training teaches one of the most widely used and supported visual programming languages in the industry today, especially written for creative people to help them develop their own, audio/video and motion graphics software/applications and plugins.

Sound Controlling Video/Graphics

Sound can be used to create stunning video/graphic effects, here the video editor/producer, multi-media producer can take their skills and creations to a new level, checkout our Designing Sound videos here.

So what audio processes can you create other than any real or imaginary sounds ?
Take a look at just a few audio processes you can create by learning Procedural Audio

Pitch shifters
MIDI Sequencers and Controllers
Spectrum Analyzers
Full Audio Analysis using FFT

Who can benefit from this training program?

This training program is ideal for the post graduate audio student that has only learned traditional audio production or anyone in the audio/video industry, whether you are a Sound Designer, Studio Engineer, Radio Engineer, Video Editor/Producer, Live Sound Engineer, Electronic Music Producer, Multi-Media Producer.

Knowing Procedural Audio puts you on top of the audio/video food chain.

Checkout our Designing Sound videos here.

NOTE: This training program is suitable for both Windows and Mac uses.

Training Schedules

Training times are from 10am to 4pm Monday to Sunday.

Minimum 4 hours training per training session.

Costs: All our training programs are R100 per hour and are booked on a monthly basis, therefore 4 x 4 hour lessons per month (1 x 4 hour lesson per week) costs R1,600 per month.

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