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Inhouse Audio Training 2018
(over 25 years audio training expertise)

Your One Stop Full Time or Part Time Audio Training Solution

Inhouse Audio Training is your specialist "Hands On", Full Time and Part Time Audio training facility in South Africa, with over 25 years of audio training expertise. We offer training in all the major audio fields from Procedural Audio to Live Sound, take a look at all our training programs below and checkout our videos and video tutorials.

Your Audio Future Starts Here

What is Procedural Audio

Procedural Audio is a living sound that can be run as computer code and be changed in real time according to unpredictable events. Applications include video games, film/video (sound design and post production), animation, media and electronic music.

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Procedural Audio Video

Karplus – Strong Technique

This video shows how to make a stringed instrument sound using Procedural Audio. The technique used here is the Karplus – Strong technique which creates the sound by using delay and feedback. For more info call 082 9399 082. To see this video in higher res on Youtube go here

To see more Procedural Audio Videos, click here.

Mixing and Mastering Workshops

Want to know what causes your mixes to sound un-professional and how to make them sound like the pros.

Inhouse Audio Training will be hosting two more Mixing and Mastering Workshops this year on Sunday the 5th November 2017 and Sunday the 3rd December 2017, from 10 am to 2 pm.

Learn the tricks that the Pros don’t show you on YouTube. Costs: R400 per student. Free Audio Training software written by Ankha included.

We have specifically made these workshops shorter than the previous workshops to help those who need to use public transport and/or those who are traveling from outside Johannesburg.

Limited space, advanced bookings necessary. Call 082 9399 082

Full Time Training Programs

1 Year Procedural Audio Training

1 year Audio Tech Training

6 Month Audio Training

Audio Tech Gap Year Training

Part Time Training Programs
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Mixing and Mastering

Basic Audio Engineering

Sound Design (Post Production)

Live Sound

Audio Electronics

H.O.T.H. Audio Labs

Due to many requests asking us to Mix/Master trax for producers we have now opened a new section that can accommodate music producers wanting their trax to be Mixed/Mastered by the pros, for more info contact us on 082 9399 082.

Music Videos

Below you can see and hear that our Mixing and Mastering training covers many different styles of music, so no matter what your style of music you produce we can help you get Pro sounding mixes.

Blood Sundae

Below: Blood Sundae, "As The Cradle Falls", 5 piece all girl metal band from the UK that we recorded in South Africa at Inhouse Audio Training. This track was Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Ankha.

Rinavho Express

Want to see and hear some awesome African Rumba then take a look at the video below. This shows that we still have talented musician in South Africa, watch the bass player (Jeff) his playing is insane. This track was Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Ankha.


Ankha has over 35 years working experience in the South African audio Industry and has held the position of chief engineer at E.M.I and Downtown Studios and has worked at the S.A.B.C, Bop Studios and many other of South Africa's top prestige's Audio facilities. She has worked with SA’s legends such as Brenda and the Big Dudes (Engineered Weekend Special) also Don Larka, Lucky Dube, Ray Phiri, Dalom Kids just to name a few, more industry credits can be found in her credit link above.


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For more info on our training programs use our contact form or call (Int)+27 82 9399 082 or local SA 082 9399 082

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