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Inhouse Audio Training 2018
(over 25 years of professional audio training expertise)

Your One Stop Professional Audio Training Solution

Inhouse Audio Training is your specialist Part Time/Custom training Professional Audio facility in South Africa, with over 25 years of audio training expertise. We offer training in all the major audio engineering fields, take a look at our training programs below and checkout our videos and video tutorials.

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    Mixing/Mastering Services
    Need to have your trax mixed and/or mastered by the Pros, 35 years mixing/mastering expertise.

    Our specialized mixing techniques and custom software written by Ankha makes our mixing/mastering unique, combine this with acoustically flat rooms (down to 20 Hz) with no colorization of the sound and custom designed 3 way monitoring ensures you get the best mix/master possible, the only limitation is your creativeness.

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    Custom, Hands On, 1 on 1, Audio Training Programs

Inhouse Audio Training offers customized audio training programs to suit both the student's professional audio requirements and their availability, this program is ideal for international students or audio/live sound companies/church groups looking for hands on, 1 on 1 audio training over a limited space of time, click here for more info on the Custom Audio Training.

10 day, international, 1 on 1, Hands On Mixing/Mastering Training

This training program is ideal for students who live outside South Africa or outside the Johannesburg area.

10 day, international, 1 on 1, Hands On Mixing/Mastering Training, with Ankha Nel, over 25 years of audio training expertise. Learn the most advanced EQ techniques that will change the way you hear sound forever. Accommodation available. Click Here for more info.

All Training Programs

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Ankha has over 35 years working experience in the South African audio Industry and has held the position of chief engineer at E.M.I and Downtown Studios and has worked at the S.A.B.C, Bop Studios and many other of South Africa's top prestige's Audio facilities. She has worked with SA’s legends such as Brenda and the Big Dudes (Engineered Weekend Special) also Don Larka, Lucky Dube, Ray Phiri, Dalom Kids, and recorded, mixed/mastered/produced many of South Africa's rock and metal legends. More industry credits can be found in her credit link above.


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