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Inhouse Audio Training 2018
(over 25 years audio training expertise)

Your One Stop Audio Training Solution

Inhouse Audio Training is your specialist "Hands On", Full Time and Part Time Audio training facility in South Africa, with over 25 years of audio training expertise. We offer training in all the major audio fields, take a look at all our training programs below and checkout our videos and video tutorials.

Please Note: Students attending our training programs must be able to speak, read and write in English, the student must also be computer literate.

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Helicopters (Procedural Audio)

In this patch I have created a dual turbine engine helicopter, a petrol engine helicopter, the sound of the blades spinning and a simple user interface to control the patch. My main goal here was to create these sounds using a very small programming foot print, the patch is only 65 kB in size.

Of course as with all procedural audio patches, every aspect of the sound can be manipulated to suit the user’s requirements, unlike wave files that for starters would be Mb in size and not very user configurable. All I have used to create these sounds is some noise, a bit of FM synthesis and some basic wave shaping techniques.

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Why choose Inhouse Audio Training? We provide individual, hands on, in-studio training where the student is taught the very latest techniques in Audio production that puts them years ahead of others. All training is configured around the students requirements and is not a generic training program, one size does not fit all.

Very few audio professionals in Africa have the in-depth knowledge of Digital Signal Processing that Ankha has. Ankha can Model, Create and Code any audio signal process or sound and this means that she can show you how to get the most out of any Digital Audio Hardware or Software that you are using.

Students attending Inhouse Audio Training also receive specialized audio software, written by Ankha, that help the student in all aspects of audio production.

Our training studios are custom designed for a flat audio response providing the student with an unparallel listening and working experience. Our DA1 studio is our "Live Sound" Mixing room that features fully loaded horn monitoring systems that emulate the same sound you get when using live PA speakers.

Not just music!! Our mixing and mastering training program will take you to the next level of sonic quality whether it's for Film, Video, Multi-Media, Sound Design, Live Sound, Radio Sound, Game Sound and Post Production.

So why choose Inhouse Audio Training? because we are the best at what we do, with over 35 years of audio expertise and we did not learn by watching YouTube videos, we learnt thru years and years of audio industry working experience. 

Your Audio Future Starts Here

1 year Full Time Audio Technology Training Program

Inhouse Audio Training 2018 full time training program offers the student both the traditional (wave based) audio training, as well as, the very latest in Procedural Audio training.

Our training program offers the most in-depth training in both digital and analog audio where the student not only learns how to operate audio hardware/software but also learns how to make their own sounds thru Procedural Audio and develop their own unique audio/video and motion graphics software applications (Computer Science).

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Part Time Training Programs
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Mixing and Mastering

Basic Audio Engineering

Sound Design (Post Production)

Audio Electronics

Procedural Audio

H.O.T.H. Audio Labs

Due to many requests asking us to Mix/Master trax for producers we have now opened a new section that can accommodate music producers wanting their trax to be Mixed/Mastered by the pros, for more info contact us on 082 9399 082.

Music Videos

Below you can see and hear that our Mixing and Mastering training covers many different styles of music, so no matter what your style of music you produce we can help you get Pro sounding mixes.

Blood Sundae

Below: Blood Sundae, "As The Cradle Falls", 5 piece all girl metal band from the UK that we recorded in South Africa at Inhouse Audio Training. This track was Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Ankha.

Rinavho Express

Want to see and hear some awesome African Rumba then take a look at the video below. This shows that we still have talented musician in South Africa, watch the bass player (Jeff) his playing is insane. This track was Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Ankha.


Ankha has over 35 years working experience in the South African audio Industry and has held the position of chief engineer at E.M.I and Downtown Studios and has worked at the S.A.B.C, Bop Studios and many other of South Africa's top prestige's Audio facilities. She has worked with SA’s legends such as Brenda and the Big Dudes (Engineered Weekend Special) also Don Larka, Lucky Dube, Ray Phiri, Dalom Kids, and recorded, mixed/mastered/produced many of South Africa's rock and metal legends. More industry credits can be found in her credit link above.


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